Digging into WordPress book review

A few days ago, Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr released their awaited WordPress book named Digging into WordPress and I was lucky enought to get my hands on a copy generously given by the authors.

So, what’s inside? After reading the whole 400 pages of the book I just wrote a review to help you getting a better opinion on the book and see how it can help you to enhance your WordPress skills.

Now, let’s have a look into what you’re going to learn in Digging into WordPress.
The book is divided in 8 chapters :

Chapter 1 : Welcome to WordPress
Chapter 2 : Setting Up WordPress
Chapter 3 : Anatomy of a WordPress Theme
Chapter 4 : Theme Design and Development
Chapter 5 : Extending Functionality
Chapter 6 : Working with RSS Feeds
Chapter 7 : Working with comments
Chapter 8 : Search Engine Optimization
Chapter 8 : Maintaining a Healthy Site

A wonderful book that any serious web developer should have in his collection.