Snipplr and Workawesome are on sale

If you’re dreaming about running a successful online business, but don’t want to launch it, you should be definitely interested in one of the two websites Envato (The company that runs popular blogs Tuts+ and marketplaces such as Themeforest) are currently selling on

First site is a blog, Work Awesome. The blog is all about the art of being awesome and productive at work. It currently have 12000+ RSS readers and generate an average monthly profit of $1200. Not bad at all, but until know the blog has been maintained by paid guest writers. New owner will have to produce the content himself, or continue to pay the team. At the time I’m writing this article, higher bid on Work Awesome is $11,000. (more…)

Quick WordPress tip: Automatically replace words by affiliate links

Some months ago I wrote a post about a plugin called Ninja Affiliate. The plugin allowed you to automatically replace words by an affiliate link. It’s a cool plugin (I use it on my blog) but it’s not free. Some reders suggested free plugins, such as SEO Smart Links, that can do the same job.

Today, I’d like to show you a simple piece of code that can replace words of your choice by an affiliate link. It’s simple, it’s free, and it works. I do not give you as much control as the plugins does, but in most cases this code should fit your needs. (more…)

Web2PDFConverter convert any webpage to pdf

The World Wide Web is constantly moving, changing, and evolving. This is a good thing of course, but it’s also good to be able to save web pages for the future. Personally, I really miss some of the websites I visited during my first full year online… 1999.

Of course, you can use the good old “Save As” function of your web browser. But storing one (or more) HTML pages, separated images, and a whole bunch of JavaScript files is not really user-friendly.

Web2PDF Converter is a very useful tool that convert any webpage into a PDF file. It works great: I’ve converted 5 pages and all where the exact copy of the html version.

This very handy tool have more to offer: You can email an url and receive the PDF back. You can also add a bookmarklet to your browser for faster archiving.

Create your own “facebook” site with Oxwall

Did you ever dreamt that you could build your own community site, like the over-popular Facebook? A few months ago, an open-source project named Diaspora was launched, with the promise of letting you create your own community site. But Diaspora is written in Ruby and have lots of dependencies, wich make it hard and boring to install.

Happilly, I found a really good alternative named Oxwall. It’s open source, it’s free, and it’s written using PHP.

Oxwall features most of the things who made Facebook a succesful website: Wall, photo management, friends, activity, groups, and so on. But the best feature in my opinion is that you can either download the software and install it on your own server, or use Oxwall’s service to create your own network just like you’ll create a blog on

The easiest way to deal with special characters

Special characters are often apain top deal with, because they’re not on your keyboard, and because you don’t know the related ASCII code. Of course, you can grab an ASCII table and keep it on your desktop, or you can use a new service called Copy Paste Character.

Copy Paste Character make special characters easy to deal with: Simply click on the selected character to have it copied to your clipboard.

PremiumPixels, a new resource for free PSD files

Finding quality PSD files on the internet is not an easy job. And if you want the files to be free, it’s almost impossible. Following the concept of the 365 PSD site, UK-based designer Orman Clark recently launched a blog called Premium Pixels.

Almost everyday, a new psd file is added to the site. You can download the files and use them at your convenience, even commercially. Quality is always high and the blog, despite being very young, already reached 1300+ RSS readers.