Which ad network should work best for your blog?

Adsense, BSA, Amazon associates…There’s lots of advertising networks available to monetize your blog. Though each ad network has its particularities and depending on your blog niche, not all of them will provide the same results.

In this article, we’ll study the most popular ad networks to help you find which one best suits your blog.


[tweet]Who doesn’t know Adsense? Launched in 2004, Google Adsense was an instant success. Joining Adsense is quick and easy and even very small sites can become Adsense Publishers. However, it is well known that Adsense doesn’t make a lot of money in particular niches as such web development or design.
Works best on : High traffic website, websites with high CPC, niche sites.
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If you’re used to visiting design blogs, you’ll know how popular 125*125px sidebar ads are. BuySellAds handle the sale of your ads and provide you with detailed stats about your earnings, clicks, ads, etc.
All sites have to be approved to join and only quality websites are accepted. Note that BSA are now accepting websites of all kinds.
Works best on : Content-focused blogs
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Text Links Ads

If you don’t like graphic ads but still want to make money with your blog, Text Links Ads can be a good idea. As the name says, they sell text ads. I’m using it on Cats Who Code and TLA are paying me $60 to $80 monthly, which is not bad consider that you have to multiply income sources to make money online.
Works best on : Any kind of low/middle traffic with pagerank 2+.
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Amazon Associates

Initially a “simple” online book seller, Amazon grew and became one of the biggest online shops of the internet. They are now selling various products as such as books, dvds, clothes, and much more.
They also have an affiliate program which allows you to earn 5% of each order refered. 5% may sounds like peanuts at first, but depending on your blog niche it can be a good deal.
Works best on : Book reviews blogs, any websites about products sold at Amazon.
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Who doesn’t know Ebay? For more than ten years, this site lead the auction market. I’ve already shown you how I make money using Ebay and this technique is very good to monetize undeveloped domain names.
But of course, you can do more with Ebay affiliates, for example, you can display banners on your site. This may sound very basic but the main pros of Ebay banners are that they change very often so your visitors won’t become bored and you can choose the family of products you want to display.
Ebay pays up to $15 if you get someone create an account and buy a product. If you refer an existing customer, your commission will be a lot lower.
Works best on : Any kind of site that talks about products sold on Ebay.
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Founded in 2003, Chitika is a Google Adsense alternative. You can use their ads along with Adsense, or as a replacement. The good point with Chitika is that unlike Adsense, they don’t have “Smart Pricing” features. I never tested Chitika on my blogs but I have heard good things about them. For example Darren Rowse reported that Chitika is his second best income source.
Works best on : Any kind of sites.
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AdBrite looks like Adsense, and works like Adsense. They display contextual ads like Adsense do. So why should you use AdBrite instead of Adsense? Because AdBrite doesn’t have any “Smart Pricing” features and Adbrite pays by check, which is useful for people who live in a country where you can’t receive money via Paypal.
Works best on : Any kind of site, especially those with bad results with Adsense.
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Kontera provides what they call contextual in-text advertising: Once installed, Kontera will scan your website content and automatically ad links on specific keywords.
To be honest, I don’t like in-text advertising and I find it too much intrusive. Whilst I think monetizing your website is great, you should never forget that your visitors are the most important asset you have.
Works best on : “All audience” websites.
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And you, which ad network are you using on your own blog? Do you plan to use one of those I’ve listed?

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Published on December 30th, 2009 by Jean-Baptiste Jung

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