The art of cross-promotion

Every blogger know it, promoting a blog or a website is not an easy task, especially when the blog is new. Though, if you already own one or more sites, you can use them to promote your new site.
This technique, called cross-promotion, is one of my favorite. It helped me launching WpRecipes, CatsWhoBlog, WebDevCat and more recently PHP Snippets.

In this article, I’ll show you how to efficiently cross promote your sites and blogs.

Why cross-promotion works

[tweet] When I launched CatsWhoCode back in June 2008, I remember how hard it was to get traffic and readers. I have to submit my posts on all social bookmarking sites I knew, tweet, and post very often.

Now, when I publish a post, I have hundreds of visitors within minutes. Regarding Twitter, with almost 6000 followers, I can tell you that each time I tweet a link, it receive at least 50 unique visitors.

As an example, hear are CatsWhoBlog stats for the ten first days of July. As you can see, CatsWhoCode is the website that provide the most traffic to CWB (Exepted Google, of course)

Tips for efficient cross-promotion

Avoid announcement posts: They suck. Excepetd in rare cases, that kind of post (Which is nothing more than an advertisment) will be extremely quickly forgotten by your regular readers and will not attract new visitors.

Promote the useful way Instead of asking your readers to visit your new site, make them want to go see it. For example, you can introduce your new blog by using it as an example. This is what I’ve done on this CWC post named How to create a side blog with WordPress 3.0. The post is an useful tutorial which use my coupons page as an example. Result: 288 Retweets as I type this post.

Don’t be boring: I may be stating the obvious, but boring your users with repeated announcement or tweets will not make them visit your new site at all.
Making a site popular takes lot of time, even if you already have an established blog. Don’t rush your readers, focus on creating good content for them, and they’ll visit your new blog sooner or later.

Don’t use your ad space for your own projects: Excepted in rar cases, you should sell your ad space, not use it for your own projects. Why? Because as the blog owner you can use your content to promote another site of yours, and this will work better than putting a graphic banner in your sidebar.

And you, do you cross-promote your blogs? Do you plan to do it soon? Let me know.

Published on August 3rd, 2010 by Jean-Baptiste Jung

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