How to multiply income streams to make more money online

Some bloggers are making a full living using Google Adsense, but don’t get me wrong : They are just a few. Work, patience and passion are the three keys to blogging success, and in my opinion, the key to make money online is pretty simple : multiply income streams.

[tweet]Imagine that you have a blog or website that make one dollar per day using Google Adsense. What is one dollar per day? Let’s face it, it is nothing. It won’t allow you to quit your daily job and it will not improve your quality of life in any way.

At this point, it can be easy to think that this 1 dollar a day blog is worthless. But it is not. Imagine that you have 99 others sites like this one. Each days, your 100 sites will provide you $100. And a hundred dollar per day isn’t bad at all!

Now, Imagine that in order to raise your income, you decide to implement another advertising network on your 100 sites. Let’s take Text Link Ads for example, with a price of $5/month per link. Each site can display up to 5 links.
Sure, you’ll not sell all available spots, because blogs who make only one dollar per day with Adsense don’t have lots of traffic. But you will sell at least some spots.

100 sites * 5 spots = 500 spots. Being a bit pessimistic, you’ll sell 50 spots per month. And 50 spots * $5 = a $250 raise to your monthly income. Definitely not bad at all!

More sites + More ads = More money in your pocket.

Why you should have multiple sites

When I talk with people online and offline, I really often hear “You have so much sites”, “How many blogs do you manage?” or even “Are you owning the whole Internet?”. In fact, owning multiple blogs and website is an essential aspect of being successful online because it allow you to multiply income sources.

Sure, you can succeed and make a lot of money if your blog is extremely popular. But on the millions of blogs created each month, only one or two will one day provide a decent income to their owner.

Managing multiple blogs isn’t as hard as it seems. If you haven’t read it yet, you may have a look to this article I wrote some weeks ago.

Don’t focus on a single way to make money

An extremely big mistake done by many people is definitely to focus to one (or two) ways to make money online. There’s a lot of different ways to ear money using the internet. For example, you could sell ebooks, use Google Adsense, use affiliate programs, and a lot more.

If you are using BSA on your site, that doesn’t mean that you should stop using Adsense. Sure, some ways to make money online will work better on your blog than some other, and for design/tech blogs, BSA generally brings more than Adsense. But that doesn’t mean Adsense is worthless.

Also, imagine that 90% of the money you earn online is provided by BSA. If one day, BSA goes out of business, you’ll lost 90% of your income which will probably lead your business to bankruptcy. If you took the habit of using lots of differents method to make money, if one cease its activity, you’ll still earn an efficient income that will allow you to save your business.

Don’t be a “free affiliate”

Lots of bloggers talks about products and service on their blogs. And most of them, when they link to the product website, don’t bother using an affiliate link. Instead, they use a “normal” link, which means that they are promoting a product or service for free.

Althought there’s nothing wrong in promoting something you like for free, what about taking a minute or two and check out the product site to see if an affiliate program is available?
Many of you will probably think “Ok, but I don’t talk about the product that much, it is just a link in one of my blog posts.”. If you think that, you are definitely wrong.
Let me explain : Sometimes a link is clicked only once per day. But at the end of the year, that link have been clicked 365 times. And maybe, one or two people that clicked the link bought the product. Which means comissions will be paid to you.

When talking about products (It can be books, plane tickets, web hosting, and a lot more) on your website or blog, you should always verify that the company you’re talking about have an affiliate program. And if they have, don’t be lazy, register and use an affiliate link instead of a normal link.

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Published on November 26th, 2009 by Jean-Baptiste Jung

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