How I made over $200 with a simple blog post

Two weeks ago, I published a simple blog post which was a review of the “Digging into WordPress” book by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr. Using their affiliate program and a few tips, I managed to sell 20 copies of the book for an affiliate profit of over $200 in less than two weeks.

In this article, I’m going to show you what I’ve done to earn that sum using a simple blog post.

The joy of affiliate marketing

[tweet]Affiliate marketing has always been one of my favorite way to make money online. Since I started to blog, I have made thousands of dollars using affiliate programs. As I said in my “How to multiply income streams to make more money online” article, it is important to join as many affiliate programs as you can, if they are in relation with your blog content.

After Chris Coyier emailed me a free copy of the Digging into WordPress book, I decided to review it here on Cats Who Blog.

Good product + great affiliate program = money

Being used to make money online, when I decided to review the Digging into WordPress book, I looked on their site to check if they have an affiliate program.
They had one, so I joined. The affiliate share is 50%, which means that for each book sold at $27 using my affiliate link, I earn a $13,50 commission.

Some of you will probably think that $13,50 is not a big sum, and in fact this is true. But if you sell ten copies, you’ll earn $135, which is definitely not bad. Like I said in my “How to multiply income streams to make more money online” article, you have to multiply sales and multiply income streams if you want to be successful online.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons of this affiliate success is the quality of the Digging into WordPress book. It’s a sure thing that if I promoted something common as such as Hostgator Hosting instead, the review wouldn’t have been that successful.

Techniques used

After reviewing the “Digging into WordPress” book on Cats Who Blog, I used a few techniques to promote the post and make sure that as many people as possible will read it, and hopefully, buy it.

I was the first to review the book : Being the first to review a specific product is a very good thing. Want an example? Type Digging into WordPress review on Google, and see what happens.
Every day, many people are coming to Cats Who Blog from Google and view the article.

I used Twitter a lot : Twitter is the blogger’s best friend. In one year, I created a base of approximately 3500 followers, and most of them are interested in WordPress. You guessed it, I made some sales just by telling my followers about the book.

Even better : Some will disagree but I often ask my followers to retweet my posts (And gladly return the favor when they ask, of course!) and this techniques works very well. Another thing I’ve done was to directly post my affiliate link of Twitter in a random tweet as such as I love the “Digging into WordPress” book! Who else enjoyed it?

Cross-blog posting : Being the owner of many blogs, (See How to manage multiple blogs efficiently) I often let WpRecipes readers knows about what’s new on my other blogs, and vice-versa.


On December 1st, I was very happy to receive my Paypal payment of $202. I haven’t talked to Chris or Jeff about it yet, but I guess that I’m on the top 5 affiliates in November.

I am also very glad to prove you that a young blog can be successful : Cats Who Blog is only two months old, and it provided me over $200 in affiliate commission (that sum only includes the “Digging into WordPress” affiliate program) and already have over 1000 RSS subscribers at the time I’m writing this article.
I’m not saying this to congratulate myself, but to show you that if I can, YOU can.

Reviewing products that will interest your audience is a very efficient way to make money online.

Affiliate programs you should join

Since I’ve started to make money online using affiliate marketing, the three programs below are my favorites. You shouldn’t hesitate to join them!

WpWebHost : Well known by WordPress users, WpWebHost provides “WordPress friendly” hosting solutions.
The affiliate program is a definitive bargain : one sale will provide you between $33 and $50. I have made more than a thousand dollars with that affiliate program.
» Join WpWebHost affiliate program

aWeber :
Founded in 1998, Aweber is the leader of newsletters service. Thousands and thousands of people are using their services to send mass emails to their clients every day.
The commission is 30%. And even better, it is recurring, which mean that you’ll get paid every month that your affiliates are using the service!
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Cirtex Hosting :
Cirtex Hosting provides a hosting service that I’ve never tested, as well as an affiliate program which provide $35 per sale.
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Published on December 7th, 2009 by Jean-Baptiste Jung

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